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Fundamentally there are two kinds of people, the ones who think all humans are equal and have the same rights and the others.

The later are the intellectual descendants of kings, queens, dictators and slave runners, these want humans to be divided into two classes, the rulers and the ruled or otherwise said the masters and the slaves.

We are made to believe that in the west the ounce slaves have been able to overthrow their masters and create a system that we now know as democracy, where we have control and we elect executives to implement the will of the majority.

This is a lie.

Our masters use social shaping by diening us information, feeding us flawed information, intimidation, financial constriction, murder, imprisonment etc. to keep us in a state of mental, physical and economical slavery.

Our controllers use Fear to make us accept our condition, they create false flag operations to misdirect our attention, they finance and train fanatical elements and then let them loose to literally create the enemy that gives them the excuse to impose new restrictions on our liberties and wars with one main objective which is to deny us our freedom and make us more docile fearful slaves.

We have practically no more privacy we live in a world that makes George Orwell's 1984 look like a parody of what we are actually submitted to.  All communications be it voice, data, email etc. are stored for at least 15 years and they have the capacity to observe them real time with no judicial oversight or data mine retroactively information to intimidate us or blackmail us. As one said information is power and they have it all.

We are being tracked using biometrics identifiers like fingerprints, facial recognition, voice recognition, DNA and iris scans. Last time I renewed my passport they asked me to submit to biometric information scan and collection machine, when I asked them if I had any other option they said that if I didn't I would not be able to travel to the United States, when I told them I did not care they relucentlyadmitted that I still had no choice.

Every porn search you do on google or any other search engine is logged, every phone call you make is being tracked, your smart phone gps logs are mapped and telco tower triangulation is used to pinpoint your position to within a meter.

Practically all OS have back doors, and if you use any available solution that provides you with privacy like TOR or encryption you will be automatically flagged as a potential terrorist and tracked.

All this is mostly done in secret so that you can't act and use your democratic right to vote against it or even question the methods used against you to deny you Privacy / Freedom and all this is done in the name of security.

They can break all the laws they want because in an ingenious trick if you complain or share information that incriminates them you will be accused of uncovering state secrets or sharing the information that as they say will endanger lives and help terrorists attacks.

The good old Bobby which had for only weapon a baton has been replaced with law enforcement agents decked out with military gear and weapons, you accept them because you think it will protect lives, protect you and your family against terrorists or other threats they have implanted in your brain.

This is another lie ... just do the count of every victim of all the terrorist attacks since 9/11 (including the ones of 9/11) in the western world and compare them to the number of road deaths and you will understand that if it was really about protecting human lives driving would be forbidden or even check how many people die due to tobacco and yet you can still buy a pack of cancer sticks usually in walking distance of your home or workplace, is it not illogical that if they cared about our lives tabaco would be forbidden ? next time you board a flight ask yourself why you have to take your shoes off and go through the humiliating security checks when any terrorist can easily down a commercial airliner with a russian made low cost (5000 euros) shoulder fired missile SA-7 that fits in a duffle bag and can be deployed in less than a minute and can hit its target accurately from more than 2 miles away.

To control us all they have to do is weaponize 10% of the population and give them a badge, Hitler did it and it was not hard to find the sadist to take the job up to implement his fascist ideas.

I share with you this documentary of interest which features Ed Snowden

Backup if ever it disappears!O4omlTDI!Ig-52Cs_nyE_nZ07PTEoi4eL9nmhaULGjYtQhBDYsxU

So by now you are probably asking yourself what can be done ? here is an incomplete list:

-Support and defend whistleblowers
-Vote for political parties that give the power back to the citizen
-If your country harbours army bases from a foreign nation oppose it
-Do not keep your savings in Money or in Banks
-Understand what direct democracy is
-Do not travel to America or buy American products if you can until the US world policy changes
-Know your rights and defend them
-Become a dual National just incase your Government attacks you
-Have a stash of gold coins
-Reduce your use of petrol
-Become energy independent (solar wind)
-Eat as much non processed food and support your local food producers
-Think less is more
-Enrol your kids in distance learning programs like the french CNED or New Zealand's TeKura to be more mobile.
-Inform Others
-Do not have fear

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