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Prison Blog #29 (Newsletter #5) - The madness continues | Free Marc

Prison Blog #29 (Newsletter #5) - The madness continues | Free Marc

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The Egyptian Revolution of January 25 AKA Lotus Revolution

Having lived and worked in Egypt for more than ten years, having myself seen police brutality first hand, corruption at all levels from hospitals to the investment authority, having experienced as the anti-Mubarak protesters false accusations like Israeli agent and basically feeling that these people had been robbed, raped and worst really made me want to do something to help them.

At first it seemed like it would just be a blood bath and as I tweeted RT, posted of Facebook and researched ways to counter the different moves the pro-Mubarak group were doing I thought on the courage of these individuals which if this whole thing failed would be subject to the vengeance of the security apparatus of the Government.

Honestly as a non Egyptian if I was in Egypt with my family, I don't know if I would have had as much courage as my friends had. I am sure that more than 300 people died and many more were tortured the price Egypt paid for freedom to come, let all these people be remembered and honored and I hope that a fund will be set up to help their families.

There are so many other countries or people in that part of the world that need and deserve the right to auto determination to democracy who will be next ? lets keep the ball rolling!!!

Guide To Internet Revolutionary - Level 1/ Roukie

In our day and age the internet has become a real weapon for activist, recently with the ongoing revolution in Egypt the fascist state realized how important an information system the internet was for the revolution that they cut it off and then switched it back on to track and arrest activists using it using American Technology. In this basic guide I will out line what I call the Roukie level 1.

First you will need an old laptop that can boot from USB (check in the BIOS of laptop in Boot Sequence or Boot options) preferably one that can not be traced back to you without a hard drive (yes you will not need it) and a 2GB mini usb stick (they now make them small enough to hide or swallow).

Purchase or find list

Mini Usb stick 2 GB
Small diskless Laptop


First use a working computer dose not have to be safe internet connection could be from home and follow below instructions to create a bootable chrome OS USB Stick

1) Download Chrome OS image Link
2) Follow instructions on how to make stick Link

Now you should be ready to go "anonymous" from now on do not use the HD less laptop from a traceable internet connection, do not use it to connect to accounts on the net that can be traced to you keep your Revolutionary ID separate from your real self, do not reveal yourself to anyone you know (yes I know the life of a net revolutionary is lonely) dont forget if you can not keep a secret than dont expect anyone else to keep one.

So now you are in an a cafe with open Wifi plug in the USB stick and start the Laptop.

You will see Login screen


Default username:facepunch
Password: facepunch

NB some times it dose not recognize Graphic card of track pad
Then once logged in use the browser to do the below
Accounts to open (From public hotspot and only use pseudo information)

Blogger (optional)
YouTube (optional)

Basic Security Rules

1) Only connect in internet cafes or free open hotspots
2) Create a profile which is anonymous use a pseudonymous never connect from traceable internet connections
3) Make complex passwords using upper and lower case memorize then do not keep written copy
4) Do not tell anyone about your online ID


Chrome OS Tutorial

The Politics of Fear

Fear is probably one of the most effective tools to turn humans into slaves... it is such a primitive and primary brain function that humans will actually enslave themselves happily just to avoid fear.

Fear of Death, Fear of God, Fear of Bombs, Fear of Pain, Fear of Hell, like sheep which fear the heard dog they use it to round us up and control us.

They managed to make us believe that it was better to support Sadat to ward of Communism and then Mubarak to ward off the Islamist. In the name of security they did so many disgusting things that they took away the hope for a better future from the hearts of the Egyptian people.These people were only left to pray to at least make sure they would according to their beliefs get into paradise... thus creating even more hard core Islamists... here is where we enter a vicious circle more oppression more islamist  more oppression etc.

Then a certain critical mass was reached of people that realized they had nothing to loose (at least in this world) and suddenly the fear vanished and from the bondage of slavery they broke and turned on to the masters of fear and their war dogs.

Yes there is a real possibility that the Islamists will take over Egypt but we are to blame since we acted as hypocrites supporting a despotic regime. If the Islamists take over Egypt it will take another 100 years till they separate state from church as we have done in Europe. Some things only experience can teach.

So its time to support the Egyptian people so that they also can be the masters of their destiny