The Egyptian Revolution of January 25 AKA Lotus Revolution

Having lived and worked in Egypt for more than ten years, having myself seen police brutality first hand, corruption at all levels from hospitals to the investment authority, having experienced as the anti-Mubarak protesters false accusations like Israeli agent and basically feeling that these people had been robbed, raped and worst really made me want to do something to help them.

At first it seemed like it would just be a blood bath and as I tweeted RT, posted of Facebook and researched ways to counter the different moves the pro-Mubarak group were doing I thought on the courage of these individuals which if this whole thing failed would be subject to the vengeance of the security apparatus of the Government.

Honestly as a non Egyptian if I was in Egypt with my family, I don't know if I would have had as much courage as my friends had. I am sure that more than 300 people died and many more were tortured the price Egypt paid for freedom to come, let all these people be remembered and honored and I hope that a fund will be set up to help their families.

There are so many other countries or people in that part of the world that need and deserve the right to auto determination to democracy who will be next ? lets keep the ball rolling!!!