Low Cost Airline Hell

Who Benefits From The War In Iraq


How much money can you make with Google AdSense ?

According to different websites about about 5$ per 1000 page views, that is .005$ per page view.

Now if you read any of these sites (for example Google "1,000 x 30 x 1.2% x $0.63 = $226.80") you will see that the parameters are rather obscure mainly due to AdSense variable pricing system.

But like if asked what are the 3 most important factors answer would be Location, Location, Location on the web it would be Content, Content, Content.


1) Find your niche and write about or give your viewers something you would find useful.
2) Make an effort on how the information is presented.
3) Youtube Videos
4) Good Tags
5)Amazon Estore
6) Write articles about asbestos (not joking)

Do NOT ask anyone to click on add links its against AdSense rules !!! 

but if you are not getting more than 1000 page views per day don't bother thats my 5 Cents

Some thoughts

There are a few things that I have learnt... but its like feeling someones face in the dark ...you recognize but you don't see/ fully understand...

1) We have no choice our lives are pre "programed" we like to think that we do because it gives us a feeling of control but actually we are the result and origin of a perfect mathematical equation.

2) Because everything is relative (see Eisenstein) our personal point of view NOW is our only reality and it is unique to us therefore real understanding of others is impossible.

3) Nothing is really born or dies it just transforms.

4) Our "life" is the "time" it takes for our "self" and anti "self" to travel their opposite mirror paths until they meet again and equalize.

5) Everything is a de-multiplication of the origin at different "levels" and the more similar we are in state the more we "understand" each other, the more we "attract" to each other. (stones "understand" each other)

6) Opposites attract but when they meet they equalize each other.

Shousha The Idiot

It is hard to understand how such an idiot can be the governor of South Sinai Egypt, but it must make the Israelis happy to know that the top Egyptian brass is so stupid.... cant even imagine the lower ranks!!

After the shark attacks in Sharm he was quoted as saying:

"What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark (in the sea) to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question, but it needs time to confirm,"
South Sinai Governor Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha was quoted as saying by state news site egynews.net"

Graphic representation of Website

This is a graphical representation of the of my webpage made by Websites As Graphs Tool. Type in any website and watch it flower and grow. The nodes in the graph use a physics model fro Traer.Physics. Click on Traer's examples for some very fun physics java applets!

Moshe and the glass eye

Taken from Blog of Assange iq.org

"Moshe shuffled in the prisoner selection line with his daughter. When he came to the selection guard Moshe was told both father and daughter would be sent either to the extermination camp or the work camp. The guard found their numbers and said the daughter was go to the extermination camp. Moshe wailed, fell to the ground and threw his arms about the guard's legs, begging for his daugther to be spared. He kissed the guard's boots and offered his own life and the extraction of the last of his gold teeth. The guard smiled thinly and said, "Very well, but first you must pass my test. My eyes are completely indistinguishable from each other but are not the same. One is glass and was modeled on the other. Reichsmarshal Goering himself appointed the finest jewelers in Potsdam to craft it after I returned from the front. If you can find a way to distinguish the glass eye from the real one, I will trade your life for your daughter's". Moshe starred into the guard's eyes and slowly raised his hand, pointing to the left eye. The guard looked at Moshe and shouted, "What! How did you know?!". "I am sorry.. " trembled Moshe, "but the left eye looks at me with a kindly gleam""

Anna Ardin Do Not F**K At Any Cost

Assange did look where he is now!

Sofia Wilen Do Not F**k At Any Cost

Assange did look where he is!

CIA Smear Campaign on Assange

Most of us if faced with threats to our children and a well organized smear campaign such as the one set up for Assange would run for your lives or would you?

I was personally faced with a similar situation in Egypt where a smear campaign was setup against me accusing me of being a Mossad agent (a crime punishable with 15 years in prison), threats to my wife and son life which forced me to zipp then out of Egypt and away from me to safety.

Then seeing that I was not intimidated by Spy accusations, They physically attacked me and then at the police station accused me of attacking them showing self inflicted wounds as proof.

Then followed a court case where according to Egyptian law I could get a max of 3 Years. I had to present myself in front of an Egyptian judge and if he ruled against me I would go straight to prison (like in monopoly) if I did not go before the courts I was automatically guilty.

I faced the choice stay face the judge and risk prison or flee leave my company to be ripped apart without my protection, I stayed and in the end was condemned to spending 24 hours in a police station which I never did.

During that time the French consul of Alexandria Marie-Christine Glas did absolutely nothing and even had the guts to tell me she only displaces herself for death sentences! (Fucking Bureaucrats and their cocktail parties).

What did I learn, 1) Never count on your elected bureaucrats always there to take money never when you need them 2) Justice is controlled by money, bureaucrats and politics 3) Don´t count on people being honest and straight.

As for Assange they will convict him and if extradited to Sweden will be handed over to the US which will setup a show trial.

Assange tracked down for not wearing a condom

Am I the only one who is shocked that you can be accused of rape for not wearing a condom?

That a European arrest warrant can be issued for such a "crime" this would mean that we have a large majority of pope following catholics that should fear being arrested!

And again I see where EU funds are being spent...defending a corrupt ego centric clique of eurocrats. Shame on you Marianne Ny, Seeing your picture I understand that what you need is a good spanking on the bottom and to be demoted ASAP.

And as for your assurance that your little circus is not politically motivated dont think that anyone thinks its nothing more than a crock of shit.

Long Live Wikileaks long live Freedom

America Needs Help


Wikileaks Muslims in France

Over 50% of the French prison system is populated with Muslims...

Source Wikileaks

10% of French are Muslim these combined statistic could be easily be used by extreme right wing political groups... Further more the French prisons are breeding ground for extremist religious view.

What is the root of the problem?

1) Accepting immigration without the ability or plan to integrate these immigrants.
2) Huge gap between cultural values.
3) Lack of ability to discipline in schools.
4) Lack of opportunity or will for these immigrants or their children to integrate.

What are possible solutions?

1) Severely restrict immigration (stop the bleeding)
2) Change the prison system so that as a prisoner you have to work for the benefit of the community.
3) Penalize parents economically for bad behavior of children in school.
4) Make it criminal to teach religious dogma which is contrary to state laws.

Pasha Garboua ;)

Putin Batman

All Creative Work Is Derivative

Mollgan (från Middlesex) - Alla som inte tankar

We are Trashing Our Planet at an Alarming rate

Administration to NASA: Defend Earth from Asteroids, Please

It blows my mind that humanity is killing each other, watching football, bickering about who is THE prophet when out there is a mega asteroid  on a direct trajectory to obliterate us.

asteroid survey
Administration to NASA: Defend Earth from Asteroids, Please

Feed the poor Vs War

Mullah Toys 2

Ghadir class mini submarines join Iranian Navy

Mullah Toys

Islamic Iran Launches "Bavar-2" Stealth Flying Boats

Marijuana Soda Provides a High Without the Smoke : Discovery News

Even though I do like quality wine a cold beer once in a while as well a warm whiskey shot in the desert I do think that if alcohol was replaced by Marijuana the world would be a better place less stupid car accidents, beaten women, aggressive behavior etc.


Marijuana Soda Provides a High Without the Smoke : Discovery News

Marijuana Soda Provides a High Without the Smoke : Discovery News

Marijuana Soda Provides a High Without the Smoke : Discovery News

Upgade to better Iphone battery

Amazon.co.jp: iPhone 3G用交換バッテリー工具付(1600mAh)互換電池: 家電・カメラ

For anyone looking into how one can cable a 3 way switch

Iphone Browser

IphoneBrowser is a great little tool (for jailbroken iphones) to access all the files on your Iphone like music pictures etc. dowload it on your pc connect the usb cable and enjoy.



Music Location      /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Music/

Photo Location      /var/mobile/Media/DCIM

Formentera Recycle

Reusing recycling is the way forward:


1) Wood cutting, Compost Earth making center.
2) Aluminium smelting center (can Recycling).
3) Children's clothes exchange.
4) Tool rental exchange.

My Favorite Iphone Apps

Assuming you have escaped from the Apple Jail and your Iphone as well as you are free :)

Foto Safe
Google Earth
Ibiza Global Radio IGR
TuneIn Radio
Wifi Analyzer

to be continued...

Ruins of Fascist Concentration Camp in Formentera


My first Iphone Icons

Mash Icon

Mickey Skull
Formentera Ganja

created using online app

Skull Mickey Mouse

Prop 19 Vote Yes California

Less money to criminal gangs
Police can concentrate on real issues that hurt society
DEA can go after the dealers of lethal drugs more efficiently
No money spent on incarcerating pot heads
Tax income yes
Legalize the safest drug in the world

Vote YES if you can 

more info

Apple Jailbreak Your Mind

Until yesterday I was stuck in the Apple world limited by their policies and condescendant attitude where by they limit what you can do with your own Iphone !!! I was scared to jailbreak the unit and loose my info, but yesterday I needed an app to scan for Wifi networks, but I found out that Jobs forbid this kind of app on the Itunes store again big brother telling me whats good or bad for me!!!

Well fuck them jailbreak time :)

1) Back up your Iphone
2) From your Iphone using Safari go to http://jailbreakme.com/ slide to Jailbreak
3) Enjoy freedom

N.B. do not update software past 4.01 on Iphone

Building in Formentera

The prices of construction are about 30 to 40 % higher  in Formentera than on mainland Spain the two main  factors influencing this hike in cost are transport of materials and lodging cost both of which impact the construction price.

Alot of the work is done by immigrants which for the most part are semi legal (they don't  have a NIE) in the country these will ask form 7 to 13 Euros an hour. But be aware that if you are caught employing a person which dos not have social insurance YOU and not him will be fined up to 30 000 Euros per person.

Stone Walls

Stone wall work only 1m X 1m X 60cm from 60 to 70 Euros (this dos not include stones or cement) and the price goes up if the height exceeds 1.5m.

You can expect to pay about 25 Euros per m3 of stone and add about 45 Euros for transport as well as 39 Euros for the loading.


There are different styles of stone wall building, the original Formentera style uses stones taken from the land which are practically not worked with the stone hammer unfortunately unless you have stones on your land or buy old stones you will have to revert to buying stones which have been quarried these have to be extensively worked and ake walls which give a less natural aspect which I refer to as the Arab style.

Water Cistern

You can roughly expect to pay 200 Euros per M3 of cistern


To calculate the size of your water cistern assume a daily water consumption not including garden watering of about 120 per day per person .

To be Updated

Formentera Ganja

New Legal Association For Marijuana in Formentera

Nazi Fuel Bunker in Formentera

During the Spanish Civil War (1936 - 1939) Formentera suffered from heavy fights against the nationalistic troops of Franco, Nationalist troops supplied and reinforced by Mussolini's ships and planes eventually attacked Formentera and a notorious Italian platoon who called themselves the Dragons of Death began slaughtering left-wing sympathisers. Eighteen Formenterencs were shot, while at least five died in Nazi concentration camps. Investment in the island stopped, leaving the inhabitants operating at subsistence levels. From 1939 to 1942, Formentera became a concentration camp for political dissidents from mainland Spain awaiting execution.Wich I will cover in another post. Apart from that there was a Nazi radio station and a hydroplane base on an interior lagoon called "estang des pudent "(because it stinks of rotten eggs) bellow a picture of the Fuel Bunker which was used to refuel the planes one of which crashed in the lake.


Italian Bar Pizzeria in San Fernando Formentera

Decoration: I think I would qualify it as funky Formentera
Service: very fast.. Obviously a well trained team.
Food: 7/10 good choice of pizza
Price: for 2 is about 80 euros
Notes: Good music next to La Fond Pepe

The Yacoubian Building

The Yacoubian Building is really an honest potrayal of life in Egypt a must see


Bar Escap

Spanish Bar Restaurant at the intersection of the road to Cala Sahona an the road to the cap de Berberia

Decoration: Local (wonder where they found the curtians ;)
Service: good + herbas on the house
Food: 8/10
Price: for 2 80€
Notes:Pretty ok terrace good meat ask for Rubio to get best service

Can Toni La Mola

Catalan Bar Restaurant located in the village of El Pillar , La Mola Formentera.

Decoration: Cool decoration quite funky fits the crowd
Service: Under staffed but functioning friendly but to the point that it is hard to see the service I guess its more egalitarian type of service but you still pay in the end.
Food: 7/10 quite creative
Price: for 2 70€
NotesIt is very crowded on sundays and wednesday because of the hippy market. The only menu is in Catalan! And the staff look like white rasta want to be. Never the less the food is good and atmosphere relaxed.

Sa Plajeta Bar Restaurant

Spanish Beach Bar Restaurante on Mitjorn beach Formentera.
Decoration: none
Service: good + herbas on the house
Food: 7/10
Price: for 2 80€
Note: It is located next to Sunsplash so after a mojito session its a short walk to have dinner

Cana Pepa Formentera

Italian Bar Restaurante in the center of San Francisco next to the church.

Decoration: simple nice good taste but a bit too Ikea but aging well... Nice touch in ladies rest room.
Service: good international team especially Athor
Food: 9/10 The chef can really make your meal orgasmic if he wants :)
Price: for 2 is about 80 euros
Location:Plaza de la Constitución,Formentera,Spain

Blogging from the beach

White sand beach nice breez a shandy sexy wife healthy son what more can a man ask for :)

The Pirate Party Becomes The Pirate Bay’s New Host

the pirate bay

Long Live The Pirate Bay :)

How the EU funnels your tax payer money away

It is common knowledge that the EU has failed its audit over and over again winch in it self is to say the least a sign of mismanagement but the problem is much deeper.

Let me try and explain how it works, an accountant just checks if the transactions can be accounted for all he or she dose is count and account. There is no questions asked concerning the purchase price of the goods.

This is where no lets imagine a corruption scenario, an EU official wants to make money with his EU friends and some non EU players.

Creating the specification:

This is a fundamental part of the scam,  the specification is tailored to make any other bidder to the tender fail so that the chosen bidder can win easily on a technical basis it also has to be sufficiently vague to enable easy over billing.

Creating the company structure.

The best way is to buy a failing business with a history, it makes it less evident that this company is just a cover for the operation.

Then you need to have the hand on the individual that will define if the tender was technically compliant 
this is where you give the "coups de grace" to any competition and you award the contract and make a hefty profit at the expense of the poor EU citizens.

Oh and you the EU citizen has no right to see the sale contract according to an EU directive.

3D is Now

3D is the natural next step in enhancing the users interactive experience, be it watching a movie or sport content but as your TV and computer start to merge it also becomes the future of OS user interface. You will have a 3D desktop that goes into depth beyond the flat screen and objects and control elements will "pop" out at you in 3D.

In the realm of virtual desktops we are already here, products like Real desktop or already provide this "visual" effect but its the next step which is going to revolutionize the way you interact with the on-line world and your hardware.

You will have the impression that objects will float in the air in front of you and you will be able to rotate move and interact with them, in the beginning the mouse will be replace by a camera that will be able to follow your fingers and eyes to move and interact these new 3d objects, later you will wear something that looks like a head band it will be able to read your mind, you will just think of an action and it will be executed.

All the technology is her even the 3D screens Philips just came out with a model but a a heft price of 8000 + USD.

Now the only thing which is holding us back is the price of the technology and the speed of processors both of which will be resolved in the next two years.

3D Wonder
Toshiba develops liquid crystal panel for 3D glasses | TG Daily

Only In Russia