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Fundamentally there are two kinds of people, the ones who think all humans are equal and have the same rights and the others.

The later are the intellectual descendants of kings, queens, dictators and slave runners, these want humans to be divided into two classes, the rulers and the ruled or otherwise said the masters and the slaves.

We are made to believe that in the west the ounce slaves have been able to overthrow their masters and create a system that we now know as democracy, where we have control and we elect executives to implement the will of the majority.

This is a lie.

Our masters use social shaping by diening us information, feeding us flawed information, intimidation, financial constriction, murder, imprisonment etc. to keep us in a state of mental, physical and economical slavery.

Our controllers use Fear to make us accept our condition, they create false flag operations to misdirect our attention, they finance and train fanatical elements and then let them loose to literally create the enemy that gives them the excuse to impose new restrictions on our liberties and wars with one main objective which is to deny us our freedom and make us more docile fearful slaves.

We have practically no more privacy we live in a world that makes George Orwell's 1984 look like a parody of what we are actually submitted to.  All communications be it voice, data, email etc. are stored for at least 15 years and they have the capacity to observe them real time with no judicial oversight or data mine retroactively information to intimidate us or blackmail us. As one said information is power and they have it all.

We are being tracked using biometrics identifiers like fingerprints, facial recognition, voice recognition, DNA and iris scans. Last time I renewed my passport they asked me to submit to biometric information scan and collection machine, when I asked them if I had any other option they said that if I didn't I would not be able to travel to the United States, when I told them I did not care they relucentlyadmitted that I still had no choice.

Every porn search you do on google or any other search engine is logged, every phone call you make is being tracked, your smart phone gps logs are mapped and telco tower triangulation is used to pinpoint your position to within a meter.

Practically all OS have back doors, and if you use any available solution that provides you with privacy like TOR or encryption you will be automatically flagged as a potential terrorist and tracked.

All this is mostly done in secret so that you can't act and use your democratic right to vote against it or even question the methods used against you to deny you Privacy / Freedom and all this is done in the name of security.

They can break all the laws they want because in an ingenious trick if you complain or share information that incriminates them you will be accused of uncovering state secrets or sharing the information that as they say will endanger lives and help terrorists attacks.

The good old Bobby which had for only weapon a baton has been replaced with law enforcement agents decked out with military gear and weapons, you accept them because you think it will protect lives, protect you and your family against terrorists or other threats they have implanted in your brain.

This is another lie ... just do the count of every victim of all the terrorist attacks since 9/11 (including the ones of 9/11) in the western world and compare them to the number of road deaths and you will understand that if it was really about protecting human lives driving would be forbidden or even check how many people die due to tobacco and yet you can still buy a pack of cancer sticks usually in walking distance of your home or workplace, is it not illogical that if they cared about our lives tabaco would be forbidden ? next time you board a flight ask yourself why you have to take your shoes off and go through the humiliating security checks when any terrorist can easily down a commercial airliner with a russian made low cost (5000 euros) shoulder fired missile SA-7 that fits in a duffle bag and can be deployed in less than a minute and can hit its target accurately from more than 2 miles away.

To control us all they have to do is weaponize 10% of the population and give them a badge, Hitler did it and it was not hard to find the sadist to take the job up to implement his fascist ideas.

I share with you this documentary of interest which features Ed Snowden


Backup if ever it disappears


So by now you are probably asking yourself what can be done ? here is an incomplete list:

-Support and defend whistleblowers
-Vote for political parties that give the power back to the citizen
-If your country harbours army bases from a foreign nation oppose it
-Do not keep your savings in Money or in Banks
-Understand what direct democracy is
-Do not travel to America or buy American products if you can until the US world policy changes
-Know your rights and defend them
-Become a dual National just incase your Government attacks you
-Have a stash of gold coins
-Reduce your use of petrol
-Become energy independent (solar wind)
-Eat as much non processed food and support your local food producers
-Think less is more
-Enrol your kids in distance learning programs like the french CNED or New Zealand's TeKura to be more mobile.
-Inform Others
-Do not have fear

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Dead Child


HempCrete Strongest & Greenest Building material in Nature

Breakthrough In Battery Technology As Hemp Changes The Rules | Your News Wire

Breakthrough In Battery Technology As Hemp Changes The Rules | Your News Wire:

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Friends Airport Security (deleted scene)

The Interview

It seems that Kim Jong-un the supreme leader (he should get a stylist to fix his hair cut)of North Korea did not like this movie which shows at least that he does not have a sense of humor.  For a country where weed is legal it kind of surprises me but then again I can imagine that if you have no junk food to quell the munchies one could get irritated :)

What ISIS Really Wants by G Wood

A long but very concise and interesting explanation of what the ISIS is and wants... a should read for anyone interested in the middle east and different islamic cults.


"Muslims who call the Islamic State un-Islamic are typically,  embarrassed and politically correct, with a cotton-candy view of their own religion that neglects what their religion has historically and legally required" 

"Barack Obama himself drifted into takfiri waters when he claimed that the Islamic State was “not Islamic”—the irony being that he, as the non-Muslim son of a Muslim, may himself be classified as an apostate, and yet is now practicing takfir against Muslims."

"Muslims can say that slavery is not legitimate now, and that crucifixion is wrong at this historical juncture. Many say precisely this. But they cannot condemn slavery or crucifixion outright without contradicting the Koran and the example of the Prophet. “The only principled ground that the Islamic State’s opponents could take is to say that certain core texts and traditional teachings of Islam are no longer valid,” Bernard Haykel says. That really would be an act of apostasy"

Princeton scholar Bernard Haykel

Deaddrop Formentera

Recently I was made to understand that there were things that I could not voice "you can not say these things" they did not deny the veracity of my statement or ask for clarification. I see this as clearly an attempt to curtail free speech and I did understand that they were trying to silence more than my own statements.

On a small Island like Formentera the population practice auto censorship because of the fear of negative repercussion on their business or a visit from the police or guardia civil.

Recent changes in the law and new laws which I consider of fascist nature are being implemented by the political party that inherited the franquist mentality and values of the post civil war nazi supported dictatorship.

As a response I decided to participate in as many possible forms of anonymous free speech platforms.

One of the most simple and effective is the dead drop initiative which you can discover at https://deaddrops.com

And here I present to you our first Dead Drop
in Formentera !



Horse Power

FreedomBox Fighting Back 4 Freedom

The FreedomBox is a fork from the PirateBox 

Here I will expose the proof of concept of my fork of the PirateBox which I named FreedomBox, The FreedomBox runs on open source software and is basically an offnet (as in not connected to the internet) communication device where people can anonymously post files to share things like images video text etc as well as chat using their laptops or mobile devices.

The FreedomBox can be powered by solar energy, mains and car 12-volts cigarette lighter power source it also has its own backup battery power. The idea is that people would leave these devices in their cars, workplace or home and create FreeBox HotSpots to power anonymous information exchange.

We are we at now ? the open source software running the unit is 90% done we need to update the interface as to include image and text posting ability similar to facebook, you will be able to add an image / comment and other anon users will be able to reply the more likes the more the posts is uprated and the later it is overwritten,

Some pics to see what is under dev.


 The proof of concept hardware is in testing.

I am now sourcing potential manufacturing options in china as well as partners to grow the team will update when things evolve :)

Trip to Thailand and Cambodia

We had planned a Christmas New Years trip to Thailand and Cambodia But just before leaving we realized that my wife's passport (Russian national) was going to expire in less than two months and we read on official websites and were informed by the Thai embassy that to enter Thailand one needed at least 6 months passport validity to get a visa on arrival !!! ... we thought of getting an emergency passport from the Russian embassy but unfortunately they don't provide this option they will only provide a worthless letter stating that your passport is in renewal process ... we thought our vacation was ruined and over even before starting.

We finally called the Thai immigration services at the Bangkok international airport and were informed that you actually only need a passport valid for the duration of your stay ...  we called again the next day to make sure the information was accurate but then worried that the carrier might not let us board the flight from Spain, so we called them and they confirmed that she only needed a passport valid for the period of her stay. 

By now we knew that the Thailand part of the trip was going to be ok but had doubts about the Cambodian part of the trip ... we called the Cambodian embassy in several countries and were given different answers some saying 2 months valid passport needed others 6 months others did not even answer the phone.

At this point we decided to deal with the Cambodian issue in Thailand, we decided not to take the pushchair which turned out to be a good choice even though it meant carrying Eva Maria 20 months old baby practically everywhere (good exercise).  

Pack the minimum ... I would advise your traveling clothes, Ipad mini, two smart phones, kindle, car usb charger, sunglasses, moz spray, pain killers, imodium, copy of all documents, passport pictures, backup battery for phones, ear plugs, sleep mask, one pair of shorts, speedo bathing trunk, one extra t shirt, money belt, two credit cards, sticker books for kids inflight entertainment ... the rest you can buy in Khao san rd.

T-shirt 150 Baht, Mens Bathing trunk 300 Baht, Thai fisherman pants 150 Baht, Shorts 500 Bahts, Water tight bag 30 liters 600 Baht (do not buy local ipod iphone ipad chargers).

After an uneventful flight on an double deck Airbus A380 we arrived in BKK and decided to take a taxi to Khao San Rd. where we had booked a room in the Buddy Lodge the only place with a pool in the area (very good choice considering the heat).

The taxi dispatch system at the airport was very efficient we were given a ticket and got into the taxi assigned to us straight away ... the taxi driver offered to not turn on the taximeter on and give us a "discount" price I declined and pulled out my iphone and mapped our destination using google maps (you can get a Thai sim card with data plan at airport for something like 400 Baht) ask to use the highway and pay the toll fees yourself about 75 Baht ounce arrived at destination pay the meter fee plus 50 baht airport surcharge total about 400 Baht.

Try and not eat on Koh san Rd. look up restaurants in the near vicinity using trip advisor ... I am a electronics fan so I took a tuk tuk to Pantip Plaza and paid the tuk tuk 100 Baht to go 150 to come back ... we also went around BBK using the fluvial public transportation, went to the Jim Thompson House and had foot massage (should have gotten a complete one as its weird to have your legs feel like new but the rest of your body feeling old).

We then flew to Samui rented a car for six at a cost of 1700 baht a day with full international insurance ... we checked the car from every angle as well as information on contract that we required in two copies and check the registration plate numbers on contract coincided with the ones on car ... we had a clause included that whatever happens we would only be liable up to 10000 Baht.

Samui was a bit of a let down ... it has become more like San Antonio Ibiza with ugly French,Russian and British tourists. Places that used to be cute like Fishermans Village have lost their appeal, local restaurants replaced by fast food chains and French "cuisine" the rest of the Island is also being built up at an alarming rate never the less I would advise the Secret Buddha Garden, The Waterfalls (walk it), Na Thon night food market, French Kiss Thanod for belgian beer and great seafood as well as private boat trips, Kalasea Bangkham beach for breakfast and cute beach, there is also a place just when you turn off for Fishermen's Village which is an open air restaurant open till 5 am cheap and spicy, there is also the ladyboy cabaret in Lamai which is fun and on departure free wifi and food at the airport.

Now for the adventure part CAMBODIA

So we fly back to BBK and call Cambodia Angkor Air concerning Olgas passport issue, Mr Varik assures us that in the worst case scenario we may have to sign a waiver and be able to board the flight and that we would probably pay a fine on arrival.

So we head for the airport the next day but unfortunately Olga is denied boarding so I ask for a written reason for denial of boarding by the airline which is at first refused and then supplied to me after threats of going to the tourist police and airport authority.

30 minutes later I go for plan B, we get into a taxi (you should pay about 2000 baht) and head for border with Cambodia Poipet weaponized with US dollars and a smile we get to destination after 3 hrs on the road and crossing 5 car accidents. 

Once there we cross the Thai border and arrive in a no man's land between Thailand and Cambodia where you will find a Casino and a lot of "helpers" ... we get a translator and explain the issue he tells us no problem and gets us the visa required at a cost of 30 USD visa fee and 50 USD per person helpers fee ... all done passports and visa in hand we enter Cambodia pay a taxi 2000 Baht and head for Siem Reap and the Angkor temples ... Fuck Cambodia Angkor Air.

3 hours Later we arrive to destination after having driven through the night and seeing these blue neon tubes all over the fields (looked like alien landing strips) the farmers use to attract grasshoppers they eat.

That night I meetup with my cousin and we go out to "Laundry" a bar with the perfect mix of locals and expats live music, local dj's and cheap drinks finally get a tuk tuk home at 2 am  for 1.5 USD 

The next day I get a tuk tuk driver Mr Cheng and agree on a price for him to be with us from 8am to 12pm for the duration of our stay, we visit an average of three temple a day, go on a lake with a boat for sunset, visit the war museum, eat at a very nice restaurant called Olive but most of all enjoy the people and place especially late at night driving through the deserted streets and amazing temples.

The Conclusion is that the best part of Thailand is Cambodia :)  Angkor we will be Back :)