FreedomBox Fighting Back 4 Freedom

The FreedomBox is a fork from the PirateBox 

Here I will expose the proof of concept of my fork of the PirateBox which I named FreedomBox, The FreedomBox runs on open source software and is basically an offnet (as in not connected to the internet) communication device where people can anonymously post files to share things like images video text etc as well as chat using their laptops or mobile devices.

The FreedomBox can be powered by solar energy, mains and car 12-volts cigarette lighter power source it also has its own backup battery power. The idea is that people would leave these devices in their cars, workplace or home and create FreeBox HotSpots to power anonymous information exchange.

We are we at now ? the open source software running the unit is 90% done we need to update the interface as to include image and text posting ability similar to facebook, you will be able to add an image / comment and other anon users will be able to reply the more likes the more the posts is uprated and the later it is overwritten,

Some pics to see what is under dev.


 The proof of concept hardware is in testing.

I am now sourcing potential manufacturing options in china as well as partners to grow the team will update when things evolve :)