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Google Glass Warning Sign

Collage Rorschach

Ley Orgánica 4/1997 - BOE Google Glass

Friendship is Universal Google Glass

Bhutan the last paradise

The Wall Street Code

When you invest in the stock exchange you are just a muppet the game is rigged

☢ Fukushima: Beyond Urgent ☢

Enough Is Enough: Full Film

Rules For Dating My Daughter

Get A Job
Understand I Don't Like You
I'm Everywhere
You Hurt Her I Hurt You
Be Home 30 Minutes Early
Get A Lawyer
If You Lie To Me I Will Find Out
She's My Princess, Not Your Conquest
I Don't Mind Going Back To Jail
What Ever You Do To Her I Will Do To You

Yoga is Fun :)

Yoga is Fun

I'm Bored !

Being bored is mostly a consequence of not being able to do something better.

Keep Calm :)

Ra31t Educational Project

Ra31t is a fun DIY Educational project for the young and old, that aims to help people across the globe get involved through this platform and hardware software bundle to Ecology, Recycling, Raspberry Pi, Crypto Currency, Programing,Alternative Renewable Energy, Solar power, Supercapacitors, Privacy,Community Networks, Open Routing Protocols, Open Source Software,Alternative Renewable Energy,Augmented reality and Hacktivism. We of course welcome new ideas and participants to further educational uses of the bundle!

Check it ourt at

Sochi 2014

Come On Dimity Wake Up :)

American Athlete Gets Stuck in Toilet Prouves Sochi Door Frames Sturdy 

Same Sex Friendly Toilets Prouve Sochi Made Efforts to Include Everyone

Putin Will Not Like This One

Sochi 2014 Thank You Mr. President

All eyes were on the torch bearers, in particular, gymnast Alina Kabayeva, who also happens to be President Vladimir Putin's girlfriend.

Slaves be Happy :)

Google RoboCop Is Here

NYPD cops are being decked out with google glass so that the all seeing eye can come down to street level anywhere close to you, forget the baseball caps or hoddies to hide your face from security cams ! now its literally in your face. The augmented reality functions are already able to do real time face recognition and tie this information with your biometric data you have submitted or has been already extracted out of a facebook page or other information you posted online.

Now take this information and cross link it to police, government databases as well as your telco tracking info (gps, wifi and cell tower triangulation) and not only will the police be able to identify in a crowd an alleged suspect but also warn other cops in the vicinity of a imminent threat or incoming suspect or simply automatically .

The NYPD thinks it will very useful and enable officers to see a suspect’s arrest record, mugshot and other "key information". Police Sgt. Eric Ferris of the Byron, Ga., evaluating this new tool (provided by CopTrax, a division of speed-measurement equipment company Applied Concepts ) in his usual law-enforcement duties concluded that  technology didn't obscure his vision while driving or shooting.

Further praise and excitement has surrounded these high-tech glasses which integrate a computerised interface into the wearer’s field of vision dubbed a valuable asset.

“If it works, it could be very beneficial for a cop on patrol who walks into a building with these glasses on,” 

“It would be like the Terminator. You walk past somebody and you get his pedigree info if he’s wanted for a warrant right on your eye screen."

“You can identify the bad guys immediately within seconds.”

I have a feeling that 1984, Minority Report , Terminator and Robocop science fiction is becoming reality and in some instances reality surpasses science fiction.

The governments actors (yes they are muppets) that we elected believing in their false promises and flashy campaigns funded by interested corporations, These corporations which act on behalf of a small group of overlords who force on us a modern remake of feudalism are going to use these assets not for justice but to enhance their ability to subdue us.

Liberte Egalite Fraternite