Polonium-210 in Marlboro

Remember the outcry when Polonium-210 was used to poison the Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006.

Well what if you knew that it is present in Marlboro cigarettes produced by Philip Morris, that when you smoke you ingest it and that the people around you also.

Quote from Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts:

"Polonium-210, which emits alpha particles, is a natural contaminant of tobacco. For an individual smoking two packages of cigarettes a day, the radiation dose to bronchial epithelium from Po210 inhaled in cigarette smoke probably is at least seven times that from background sources, and in localized areas may be up to 1000 rem or more in 25 years. Radiation from this source may, therefore, be significant in the genesis of bronchial cancer in smokers."

Polonium 210 will damage organic tissue easily if it is ingested, inhaled, or absorbed, although they do not penetrate the skin.

It also seems that Philip Morris knew about Polonium-210 since 1978 and has tried to resolve the issue but failed, and that Philip Morris instructed its scientist to keep all the issue quiet since it would be like  "waking a sleeping giant" to make the information public.

This is mass scale murder these people have no morals and must pay, anyone working for Philip Morris who would not devulg information on this issue could be liable criminally since it is basically poisoning on a massive scale.

Pic Of The Day

I Love this one

"Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe."

try it out for your self Link

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Just go to mofuse.com and sign up (free for blogs) you will be able to automatically make your blog mobile friendly.

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Temporary solution to play movies on Sony KDL 46WE5 from WHS

My aim is to find a totally free and simple solution to viewing movies stored on WHS on my Sony Bravia KDL 46WE5 so bare with me I will be updating this post.

For the moment I am covering Vob and Avi file conversion to mpeg2 the format which the tv set seems to accept most readily. Link

Twonky Sever (free trial)
Total Video Converter  (free trial)
Join Vob Files Tool (free)
Vitual Dub (free)
VLC (free)

If the above links do not work try thrpiratebay.org at your own risk :)

Step 1)
1.1) Install Twonky server on Windows Home Server (WHS) plug the RJ45 network cable into your TV check if you can see the Twonky server.
1.2) Install the other programs above

Step 2)
For AVI files 2.1 (skip 2.1 if you have only one AVI file) then 2.2
For VOB files 2.3 (skip 2.1 and 2.2)

2.1) Avi files movies often come in two or more files so first we have to join them for this we are going to use Virtual Dub. Open Virtual Dub click on the "Video" tab and select "direct stream copy" do the same for audio. Open the first Avi file then click the "append  Avi Segment" and add the subsequent Avi files and "save as Avi"

2.2) Open Total Video Converter click "New Task" then "Import media files" and open the above outputted AVI file. The click on MPEG and choose Mpeg2, Then click convert now (do not touch computer until finished converting.

2.3) Open folder with VOB files check the files and take not of the empty ones or useless ones then open in the right order the files selected with Join Vob Files Tool and join them.Open Total Video Converter click "New Task" then "Import media files" and open the above outputted VOB file. The click on MPEG and choose Mpeg2, Then click convert now (do not touch computer until finished converting).

N.B. check all files with VLC player

In case of arrest in Arab countries


1) Never sign anything or answer any questions without a lawyer or interpret.
2) State that you want to call your consulate and lawyer.
3) Try to keep your phone and sms or call someone to inform them of your whereabouts and general situation.
4) Its good to have a twitter account before you go just in case.
5) Tell your friends and family to start a Facebook group as soon as possible as well as a web page.
6) Get a good lawyer (your consulate can help you).
7) Trust your lawyer even if his advice seems contrary to your principles.
8) Know the law before you arrive in the country and don't break it (if you don't like it don't go there)
9) Have a copy of your passport in your email
10) Don't travel there if you don't have too

Typical fake accusations used against foreigners:

1) Being an Israeli spy
2) Insulting Islam
3) Adultery
4) Being drunk
5) Being a prostitute
6) Theft or fraud
7) Drug possession or dealing
8) Stealing your passport and then accusing you of being in the country illegally
9) Rape

You have been warmed!

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DIY seat belt hack

Pic Of The Day

Shame on Gazprom

First in my  opinion the Okhta Social & Business Center is ugly and I´m sorry to say architecturally weak minded, and its ugliness and stupidity cast a shadow on the beauty and intelligence of St. Petersburg, Peter the Great must be turning in his grave.

I agree with Andrei Bokov, president of the Russian Union of Architects when he states

“This project is naive and aggressive; it is dull, it is archaic. Chinese cities are being built with buildings that are vastly more interesting and better than what you are offering. Your brains haven’t been turned on.”

Unfortunately St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko signed a decree exempting the Okhta Center from the city's height restriction law last month which opens the door to this aberration.

On top of this Gazprom awarded the construction of this stain on our blue skys to an Arab company who is known for exploiting it workers, In a recent 2009 BBC Panorama program, Arabtec was exposed as treating their migrant workers inhumanely. The program showed how Arabtec failed to provide its workers with basic amenities to live. The reporter covering these allegations against Arabtec nearly vomited whilst visiting the camps (especially Nad al Sheba Camp) as a result of the gross unsanitary conditions he experienced.

Documents which had been obtained by the BBC clearly show that a month previous to the television crews' visit, the Dubai municipality described the sewage situation at the site as critical. Arabtec had also been fined 10,000 dirhams,which is approximately £2,000, (what a joke) for neglecting hygiene standards and allowing sewage to overflow into accommodation used by workers.

To add insult to pain it seems that we the citizens  of SPB will be funding 49% the project being worth 10,000,000,000.00 AED which equals 2,722,347,672 USD the city of St. Petersburg would have a share of 1,333,950,359 USD, The population being about 4,661,219 would mean that each person would in effect pay about 300 USD.

I wish we could use this money to renovate the historic building instead and help the poor baboushkas.

I beg you Mr. Putin do something it is your city you love it for sure more than I do, call this towel head Riad Kamal and tell him to go back to his desert culture and veto this project since it is ugly and misplaced, the world will love you for it.



Moshe Holtzberg

They sexually mutilated his parents, tortured them, killed his mother and then his father in front of his eyes and probably would have killed him if his indian nanny would not have snatch him in a incredible act of bravery from these sadistic perverts who I must say are also victims of a sick ideology that some call religion.

He is like a survivor of Auschwitz, he will survive and he will stand up for life against death for love against hate for light against darkness.

Donate @ mosheholtzberg.org

SPB Open Air The Railway Museum

The Railway Museum owns a collection of old locomotives and cars, which is displayed , just outside St. Petersburg (from the Vitebsk Railway Station take a local train to Parovozny Muzei). I went there today with the family and it was quite interesting especially the Balistic Missile Train Wagon.

Chernobyl Decay and Deformed

Close Down All Nuclear Power Stations Now

Nuclear Power Station Threat to Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the crown jewel of Russia it is so beautiful, it is alsothe home of my familly unfortunately we live with the threat of an old and seems to be miss managed Nuclear power plant.

In 2009 whilst on a business trip abroad the news leaked of an incident at the plant the news became public only 24 hrs later in Russia. Images of Chernobyle and its effects on children flashed in my head, I called my wife and told her to buy potassium iodide tablets and stay indoors I can tell you I felt so disarmed.

Here are the facts:

Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant (Russian: Ленинградская атомная электростанция; Ленинградская АЭС) is a nuclear power plant located in the town of Sosnovy Bor in Russia's Leningrad Oblast, on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, some 80 km to the west of the city centre of Saint Petersburg. It consists of 4 nuclear reactors of RBMK-1000 type. These reactors are identical to reactors No. 1 and 2 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

In 1975 there was a partial meltdown in Leningrad reactor Unit 1 that released 1.5 MCi into the environment.

In March 1992, an accident at the Sosnovy Bor nuclear plant leaked radioactive gases and iodine into the air through a ruptured fuel channel. This was the first accident at the station announced in the news media.

In December 2005, a non-nuclear smelter at the facility exploded, badly injuring three people. A private company reprocessing scrap metal at the facility was operating the smelter, which overheated and exploded spraying molten metal across a large area and starting several fires. Three workers were burned in the explosion, with two experiencing burns over 90 percent of their bodies.

On August 27, 2009 the 3rd unit was stopped due to finding a hole in the discharge header of a pump.

The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter published a short notice on page 27 in the 29 August issue about a coolant leak at the plant. The problem is described as serious but without any immediate risk of radiation in the surrounding environment.

Licensed to Kill By Jamison Firestone

In the summer of 1993, I set up a law firm in Moscow with an American friend, Terry Duncan. All of the lawyers were Russians. They were the brightest of the bright. Young Russian lawyers from the best schools who believed in Russia, the rule of law and the future of their country. We shared a common vision: Russia was the place to be. History was being made, and we were at the center of it. Law mattered, Russia had a bright future, and lawyers and law were central to that future.
One of those young men who shared this vision and passion was Sergei Magnitsky, who worked with me for more than 10 years. I believe that he was killed in prison by corrupt law enforcement officers.
There are those who would question my use of the word killed. Some would call it an overreaction. It is not.
Magnitsky testified against a group of Interior Ministry officers who we believe stole more than 5 billion rubles from the Russian treasury. One month later, those same officers arrested Magnitsky on completely false charges that made no legal sense. They held him in prison in horrible conditions. When Magnitsky’s health deteriorated, they denied him access to doctors, medicine and a routine but critical operation. He died Monday evening.
Magnitsky did not die by chance. He died because corrupt Interior Ministry officers killed him: They knowingly imprisoned an innocent man, destroyed his health and denied him access to medical treatment. Maybe the ministry just wanted to put pressure on him. But when detained people are tortured, they sometimes die, and in this case the people applying the pressure become killers.
Magnitsky’s story is all the more terrible because it is now routine. Let’s be honest, the so-called law enforcement agencies are detested by everyone and respected by no one. Corrupt officers routinely open criminal cases against the innocent, imprison people, kill people and steal with impunity. They are not above the law: They are the law. They are in effect licensed to kill.
One of the most interesting things about reading the articles and Internet blogs about Magnitsky’s death is how universal this opinion is. Nobody believes the Interior Ministry, and everyone understands that Magnitsky was effectively killed, and that he is just another of the many victims of the country’s abuse of police powers.
“Russian law” has become an oxymoron.
When are these crimes carried out by law enforcement agencies going to stop? When are we going to take back this country from the gang of criminals in uniform that has decided that it is the law?
Although I support President Dmitry Medvedev’s statements about fighting legal nihilism and corruption, he should publicly acknowledge that law enforcement agencies and the courts are now the main forces that threaten the ordinary citizens of this country.
Medvedev asks Russians not to give up hope and fall into legal nihilism, and then he allows a bunch of bandits in uniforms to rule over us. Corrupt officers steal and kill, and the government does nothing. Occasionally a statement is made about how the president or prime minister cannot interfere with law enforcement agencies, but law enforcement agencies are now Russia’s largest problem. They are the enforcers of the new mafia. If Medvedev is not prepared to interfere, who will? The few who try to interfere, like Magnitsky, die.
I write this article with a profound sadness that goes deeper than losing a friend. I have watched the profession of law in Russia descend into something that is absolutely meaningless. What is the use of being a lawyer when there is no law? I have watched countless young idealistic lawyers learn through experience that in a growing number of situations there really is no law in Russia. I have watched law enforcement agencies and courts increasingly become agents of thieves and chase into exile, imprison and kill many of the people whom Russia needs most. This is the real face of the “dictatorship of the law.”
I do not think that there is anything shocking in what I am now saying other than the fact that I am saying it openly. And that in itself says a lot about the state of Russian law. Truthfully, I am afraid while writing this article. In today’s Russia, such an article can be deemed “suicidal.” My friends would say it is an invitation to be charged with a crime or for the government to deport me. Maybe they are correct, but if they are, then Medvedev has failed miserably.
I have spent this week after Magnitsky’s death speaking with friends and clients and with scores of people whom I had never met before. All of us are stunned. We detest the people who did this to Magnitsky and who routinely do this to others. We are angered and outraged by a system that stands by silently and allows this to continue. We are confused as to why Medvedev who says all the right things does absolutely nothing.
These are not the words of a dissident. These are the words of someone who is fighting for rule of law, whose Russian and foreign friends have died for this country and of a patriot who loves this country. It’s time to revoke law enforcement agencies’ license to steal and kill and to end Russia’s dictatorship of the law.

Jamison Firestone is an attorney and managing partner of Firestone Duncan, which has offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Exxon & the Food, Beverage & Toy industry chemically castrating our children!

The culprit Phthalates (used to make plastics more pliable) and more precisely Bisphenol A (BPA) is an everyday chemical used in many plastic food and drink containers as well as tin lining, clear baby bottles, cosmetics, toys, paints and car dash boards. It is officially classified as toxic in some countries and also lightly referred to as "gender bending" compound.

Several studys have found that participants who drank for a week from polycarbonate bottles showed a 69 per cent increase in their urine of BPA, which mimics the female sex hormone estrogen. Canada's regulatory body, Health Canada, is the first in the world to declare Bisphenol A dangerous, the first step toward a ban.

It is thought that if these plastic containers are heated such as in the sterilizing of baby bottles or mineral water bottles sitting in the sun,
or adding boiling water to these bottles or putting them in the microwave a dramatic increase of as much as 55% in the amount of bisphenol A, ( BPA estrogen-mimicking chemical) would leaching from containers.

BPA consumption are linked to birth defects, growth problems and an increased risk of heart disease,diabetes, breast and prostate cancer, early puberty for girls, hormone imbalances, changes in brain structure, particularly form exposures during key points of fetal or early neonatal development.

It seems that these chemicals wich mimik feminizing hormones blunt the influence of the male hormone testosterone, side effects such as breast enlargement or dropping semen counts can be expected.

As an index of feminisation, the "anogenital distance" (AGD) between the anus and the base of the penis is measured as well as the volume of each boy's penis. Studies have shown that the AGD is twice in boys what it is in girls, mainly because in boys the hormone testosterone extends the length of the perineum separating the anus from the testicles.

When exposed to the above mentioned chemicals the AGD is significantly shorter. Other indicators of exposure are undescended testicles and misplaced openings to the urethra on the penis as well as  behavioural changes , including an aversion to "rough-and-tumble" play and a reduction in aggressiveness.

Interesting Link

The information above is confirmed by several studies among them ones made by the University of Rochester and Harvard.

Now the question you maybe asking your self  is if these chemicals are everywhere what can I do to protect myself and my children. Below you will find some answers:

1. Ditch the clear plastic baby bottles, right now. All the research that says there are problems point at the effect of the estrogen-like BPA on children as being the most significant.
2. Tin cans are often lined in plastic BPA and sit around a long time; get rid of older tin cans, particularly if they contain tomatoes and other acidic fruits.
3. Don't use your polycarbonate bottle for hot water actually avoid them in general glass is a good alternative.
4. Polycarbonate bottles get crazed and cracked as they get older; that increases surface area. Get rid of old ones.
5. Replace your Polycarbonate bottle with a  BPA free one, particularly if pregnant or pre-pubescent.
6. Replace jugs where water sits around a long time.
7. Stop using jugged water cooler water, get a filter and cooler that uses city water. It is a big jug so there probably isn't much of a problem.
8. Buy a home distilation unit Link or Link but you will have to add minirals to your diet.
9. Buy a stainless steel kettle not plastic one.
10. Make your own water bottle Link. for DIY types.
11. Avoid body creams when pregnant.

As a father and man I am totally disgusted by the industries and governments attitudes, they seem to care more about money than out the health and future generations ability to reproduce.

I call on an immediate ban on all Phthalates until more studies have been made on their effect on humans and wildlife and on all to boycott Exxon one of the biggest producer of this dangerous chemical compound which is trying to torpedo a proposed law baning these from Toys.

more information:
Link   Link  Link
Make a stand:
Link  Link

Ban E xxx Food additives

Its really starting to be scary what shit they put in industrial foods they produce and we then eat, these food additives that are added to food and beverages with the goal to improve their taste color or shelf life.

The EU has established the "E xxx" number system which was later adopted internationally with for objective to inform the consumer but the "E xxx" only means that the added compound identified has been tested, included in a database and labeled safe in reasonable amounts. But even though these compounds have been tested the EU is back tracking on the following:

E 102 - Tartrazin yellow
E 104 - Quinoline yellow
E 110 - Sunset yellow SY
E 122 - Azorubine red
E 124 - Ponceau 4R red

And will be banned from mid 2010...what shocks me is that we don't know what is in the food anymore, when our grandmothers went to buy yogurt they were buying just that now its a yogurt plus some kind of shit.

So I decided not buy anything with E xxx on in it (even though Im sure some of these products have things that have not been tested or hide them under obscure names) better safe than sorry I thought, well first its really hard, try it :) practically everything in the supermarket has an E xxx in it.

I can see it the fridge has 60% less food articles in it now!

Below a few links that might help guide you


Quit Smoking: The adventure begins

I started smoking a pack a day when I was about 17 I am now 39 that means I have been smoking for 22 years if you calculate an average price of 1 USD a pack over 22 years I have given the governments and tobacco industry about 8000 USD.

It is interesting that I am addicted to Marlboro only I hate any other kind of cigarettes more than I hate these, I personally think there is something in the composition that makes them more addictive.

I tried to quit several times, the side effects are really bad 1) I start being very stressed and can only think of finding a cigarette to smoke, 2) I literally cant think straight, 3) I get really hungry and it messes up my eating habits which leads to weight gain, 4) The withdrawal symptoms are more evident after sex, food, coffee, in the mourning or after an alcoholic drink.

My plan is to first reduce the amount I smoke to 10 cigarettes a day for a month then go cold turkey. So this is day one I have lined up 10 cigarettes.

Wish me good luck and fuck Philip Morris I wish I could Sue their ass

Google Font

I am personally a real fan of google products, the company etc. I found this cool web site wich enables you to make google like logos using google like fonts and colors. Try it out and have some fun :)


Good free replacement to windows calculator

A good free replacement for standard windows calculator you can download it at:

English speaking Lawyer Russia

If you are looking for an English speaking  lawyer in Saint Petersburg Russia that will not ask for extortionist fees then Olga is then perl you are looking for, she is professional and with her Russian partner Vadim Suhov will take care of all your legal needs.

You can contact her olgaepova@gmail.com

Sergei Magnitsky

Sergei Magnitsky died in a Moscow jail after complaining for weeks of being denied adequate medical treatment. He leaves behind a widow and two children.

Mr. Bill Browder stated "He never thought that he'd be arrested. He believed there was rule of law in Russia."  "He was a brave and innocent man taken hostage by the very officials he implicated in a major crime against the Russian state,"

Mrs.Irina Dudukina, spokeswoman for the investigative unit of the Interior Ministry, said Mr. Magnitsky died Monday evening of "heart failure." She said there was no record of health problems in his criminal file and that he hadn't complained about health problems at a court hearing last week.

Mr. Jamison Firestone, managing partner of Firestone Duncan, the Moscow firm where Mr. Magnitsky worked stated "They held him for 11 months, asking him to fabricate testimony against Hermitage," ,"The more he refused, the worse his conditions became." Russian officials have denied those allegations. , "It is now impossible in Russia to defend a client who is in a politically motivated case or in a [commercial] case where the other side has a lot of money and is willing to play dirty," , "At worst, you will end up in prison, in exile, or dead,"

America As It Is

Formentera WIFI

This project is fueled by my addiction to the internet and a wish for it to be free and widely available in Formentera.

Key points

It has to be solar and wind powered
It has to be free funded by sponsors and advertising
It has to be made with cheap components
It has to be built as repeaters and a mesh network
It will collect information such as temperature wind speed and direction as well as rain fall

I will try and involve Philipe Stark since he owns a house in Formentera and has an interest in wind power and ecology.

Below existing equipment

Philipe Stark Wind Turbine

Tubular solarpanels by solyndra    solyndra.com

Design and Construction

I have been involved in yacht design for the last 8 years and thus have developed high interest related to technical  difficulties and solutions in compacting, optimizing space and systems on yachts as to reduce cost and maximize living area.

I have recently decided to apply these to constructions on land since it is obvious to me that we have to optimize our living areas as to make them more efficient in many ways.

a few examples

Translucent Cement http://www.litracon.hu/aboutus.php

Or this toilet which flips down and saves space

Or this toilet and sink combination W+W by Roca which saves space and water

WHS New Build

Recommended requirements for WHS:

* Pentium 4, AMD x64, or newer processor – prefer 64 bit processor even though WHS is 32 bit for now
* 512MB of RAM
* At least two internal hard drives with 300GB of primary (system) hard drive space
* 100 Mbps or faster Ethernet

Here are my recommended requirements for WHS installs:

Intel Celeron or Core2 processor for power.  Use an Atom or Via C7 for power saving.
2 Gigs of RAM.  It’s not required but it’s needed.
Two hard drives, first one being 1TB The rest 1TB or larger.

One Gigabit Ethernet port.
DVD Reader – You can take this out after install or leave it in for ripping direct to your WHS shares.
four or more SATA ports on the motherboard
Multiple USB ports.
1 eSata port for fast external drives.
One External drive that is 2x larger than the data in your shares. (for share backups)
Video, you can take the video card out after your done or leave it to tinker later.  Keyboard/mouse can be pulled as well.

Villa Victoria Cairo

All the Arab Countries are crying for the Israelis to return land to the Palestinians but quickly forget all the land and property that was stolen from the Jews in Egypt, Libiya Etc. as an example this family house Villa Victoria was confiscated from my maternal great grandfather and is now used by the Egyptian Parliament !!! My great grandfathers office is now referred to as the submarine where they have private secret meetings.


Formentera has to be the best overall place on earth (anyone can challenge that if they wish)

One of the most southern European Islands
Economy actually did better this year than last year and seems to be crisis proof
White sand beaches and turquoise sea
Ibiza 30min by boat has a very well connected airport
Only 21 km long
Decent Scuba

WHS Windows Home Server

I have set up a Home Entertainment System the core of which is WHS server, Sony Bravia Tv and an Xbox 360 as a game console and extender.

A few website that I found useful

Expat in SPB

We bought a flat in Saint Petersburg a number of years ago and finished renovating it recently, we have decided that it will be our home part of the year so I am going to relate my experiences about living here.


Visa and Russian Nationality
Learn Russian
Make Contacts
Prospect Business opportunities
Find places of interest

so for today here is a link to a useful website http://www.inyourpocket.com/russia/st-petersburg

M.Y. Elegance

This is the last yacht I made in Egypt, she is the best yacht built in Egypt of her kind I wish her the best on the sea.