Fuck The RIAA

The more I read about these crooks the more I want to get even, So here it is a link to Air Pirates Funnies Vol. 2 Link. America used to be synonym with Freedom now its more like Fascism...so here its for the little Hitler fans.

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Mouse Liberation Front M.L.F

I am opposed to copyright that extends beyond 30 years, especially that nothing is really invented its always been here in a form or another, we just remix it re mash it sample it and use it.

The Mouse Liberation Front and the Air Pirates are among my heros, O'Neill regarded Mickey Mouse as a symbol of conformist hypocrisy in American culture, and therefore a ripe target for satire.

More on the group Link

Air Pirates Funnies Vol. 1 Link

I find it absurd that a school would need to pay 2000 to 3000 dollars to use the sound track of one song.

We have to expand fair use and limit patent rights in order to promote creation and invention.

Recently they are also patenting life forms...what next air? this has to stop every human has to oppose it in every possible way. 

As a start to give them a kick in the balls download utorrent, go to the piratebay.org, share your own creation under CC creative commons. Support groups like Radio Head by buying their music online and make sure the concerts are bought out. Another good way is to join forces with http://www.boycott-riaa.com/ oh and by the way fuck Metalica and all our corrupt politicians witch are back stabbing us.

Even more recently the MPAA and RIAA are attacking Indoniesia,India and Brazil for promoting "FOSS" (Free Open Source Software). In fact they can not stand the idea that united we can create free or nearly free products that are better than their corporate shit witch enslaves us.

You can have a laugh and become a M.L.F. agent

Anyways sorry for the bad language Happy Downloading 

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Laser Eye Surgery

More than three years ago I decided to have laser eye surgery, I had been wearing contact lenses for years and instead of taking them out every night I would leave them in until I got an itch (DO NOT DO THIS) actually I felt that they had in a way become part of my eye. When I used to take them off I could not bear the feeling I would pop another new one in straight away. They would last about two months then I would get an itch and change.

But I knew that this was way wrong and so I decided to go for it so Olga my wife booked me in with the most reputable clinic in Saint Petersburg, I met with the doctor and he told me it would take about 15min and it was practically pain less, super safe basically a walk in the park. I was very happy and thought why did I not do this earlier!

The next day they made a scan of my eyes and the doctor came back with a serious face, he said he had never seen this before , that I had the imprints of the contact lenses on my eyeball, he said we would have to use drops for a week and see if it was possible to operate after that...I was kind of pissed off at my self for being so careless but anyways did the week treatment.

Turns out my eyeballs poped out back to normal so to say and I was scheduled for the opp two days later.
They tell me to come with someone to bring me home after the operation.

So this was the day a few drops in the eyes and off to a dark room with a chair mounted with some kind of head clamp contraction and above a big device (the automated laser). I lie down, head is clamped, I am told not to move and just look at the red spot with left eye, scared shitless I comply to the letter.

The machine comes down and a kind of vacuum tube sucks on my eyeball, now my eyeball is definitively more attached to the device than to my body, then a fresh feeling of some kind of blade cutting my eyeball and then blurred vision after witch a tic tic sound of the laser and the smell of burnt human flesh..5 min its over and he goes to other eye... same story and as he had foretold I am out within 15min to a recovery room where I am given more drops and the doc checks me.  For the first time in my life I see things crystal clear.

Thats when the nightmare starts 10 minutes later I start to feel a severe burning sensation like if someone would put a cigarette in my eye, Olga walks me home and I take the two pain killers the doc gave me, its white nights in Saint Petersburg and there is practically no way to escape the light for 22 hours out of 24 I finally decide to sleep in the bath tub with cushions...the only room with no windows...the pain lasts and I feel so dumb that I did both eyes at the same time.

A few days later I can operate with sunglasses but still very sensitive am am gripped with another fear I cant focus like if my eyes were set to one focal point that gets better after a week anyways I go back to the clinic and basically rip a new asshole to the doc for not warning me he say that he is very sorry but it only occurs to one in a million people LOL.

I later find out that I am lucky, the failure rate and complications related to these highly profitable and basically automated surgical procedures is nearly 20% with issues related to night vision, dry eye etc.

So there you are whatever you do think about it first and actually now that I don't do as much sports as before I kind of miss my glasses.