Mouse Liberation Front M.L.F

I am opposed to copyright that extends beyond 30 years, especially that nothing is really invented its always been here in a form or another, we just remix it re mash it sample it and use it.

The Mouse Liberation Front and the Air Pirates are among my heros, O'Neill regarded Mickey Mouse as a symbol of conformist hypocrisy in American culture, and therefore a ripe target for satire.

More on the group Link

Air Pirates Funnies Vol. 1 Link

I find it absurd that a school would need to pay 2000 to 3000 dollars to use the sound track of one song.

We have to expand fair use and limit patent rights in order to promote creation and invention.

Recently they are also patenting life forms...what next air? this has to stop every human has to oppose it in every possible way. 

As a start to give them a kick in the balls download utorrent, go to the, share your own creation under CC creative commons. Support groups like Radio Head by buying their music online and make sure the concerts are bought out. Another good way is to join forces with oh and by the way fuck Metalica and all our corrupt politicians witch are back stabbing us.

Even more recently the MPAA and RIAA are attacking Indoniesia,India and Brazil for promoting "FOSS" (Free Open Source Software). In fact they can not stand the idea that united we can create free or nearly free products that are better than their corporate shit witch enslaves us.

You can have a laugh and become a M.L.F. agent

Anyways sorry for the bad language Happy Downloading