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I dislike people who blame the individual solider, most of them joined to get the education they could not afford or because the prospect for a job were not around or just to have a pension and health care coverage. I would say very few ever thought they would end up in Iraq or Kabul. They were not born professional killers, they were severely brain washed, armed with weapons of mass destruction and let loose.

You will find that most are proud of what they did, but I guess I would also be proud to have thought to defend my country and family or just a friend in a war zone or even to shoot what was an enemy or a perceived enemy, You will find that most have to defend the army because not doing so would make them face what they were involved in which is just plain government condoned assassination.

But we all seem to forget that WE are they guilty ones who voted in the officials that gave the orders to send these soldiers to war so next time before you blame them blame yourself.

And for the Ones who think Obama is better than Bush wake up he is just a different branch of the same tree abet probably more convincing but just the same in the end...

How stressed are you?

Look at these images (click to enlarge) the more they seemingly move the higher your  stressed level

Cool Street Art

An Honest Plea?

Police State X

Fish Go To The Office

Hey Who Said Size Matters

Visible Effects Of Global Warming

Its Good to have rock star Friends :)

Eliel Abecassis

Police Corruption

A Good Travel Tip - Fast Drying

I have often been in the situation where I needed to dry a clothing item fast and hanging them or putting them on the radiator is not always possible or fast. So here is the solution:

Rhino and Free Vray Materials

I occasionally model with Rhino 3D models and often use Vray to render them, finding free Vray materials is often hard...I recently found a great website (requires registration) with a multitude of materials to download for is a sample of a funny one.


At one point or another we all need sample documents to guide us or improve on existing documents we have mode or need to update I found Docstoc to be really useful resource.

Peak Phosphorus Coming A good article about Peak Phosphorus, Phosphorus is widely used in agriculture in fertilizers and it is estimated that it will run out in about 40 years with serious consequence on world food supply. Phosphate deposits are found in Morocco, China, South Africa, Jordan, and the United States, China having the lions share imposed a 135% tariff on export of the resource in 2008 which wiped out exports, the tariff was later lifted but it gave the world a taste of what was to come.

Flying Dogs

Puffing on Polonium

Puffing on Polonium - New York Times

Victim of Iranian Mullahs

Will someone shut this idiot up before its too late!

Ahmadinejad said: "Your gift to the world is a nuclear bomb while Iran presents ... humanity." 

Here is a great example of  this despotic regimes humanity...judge for your self.

Oil Suicide

When the US military warn of oil shortage Link then we can really worry. I have a feeling we are all running like lemmings (actually a myth) to mass suicide.

I think that most people don't know what to do, they just cant face it and just bury their heads in the sand like ostriches instead of trying to face the harsh reality, this will only make things worse.

By 1015 that is in 5 years the impact of oil shortage will be dire and the consequence in the west will be very painful compared with the poor farmer in Africa that will not feel the difference. Its interesting to note that for once the rich will be punished.

So what to do? First realize that "they" want to keep us in our lala land as long as possible so that they can squeeze every last dollar out of us and then leave us in such a world of shit that they will buy everything up for nothing.

1) Do not trust paper money it will be worth nothing invest in real estate, buy real gold and anything that was valuable during the II world war.

2)I am not pro weapon but when the shit hits the fan a shot gun can protect your family so get a hunting rifle...I know everyone will say I am paranoiac... but I would answer better safe than sorry.

3)When things get ugly the city become very dangerous and mobs can easily get out of control so having a place in the country to retreat to is a good idea.

4) Imagine the price of energy (electricity, petrol) would multiply by 10 how would you fair? invest in anything that can save energy, hybrid car or electrical car, low power electrical appliances including led lighting, diversify energy source for example having dual gas electrical cooker, Pay back loans.

5) Choose your job well, consider issues like geographical location, distance from home, if your job sector will be more or less hit by the oil crisis, what kind of contract you have for example a bicycle manufacturer will probably do well or solar panel installer :)

6) Vote for political parties that address the issue.

7) Buy local, by that I mean reinforce your local economy by changing the way you buy, support companies or commerce which is local i.e. stop buying Chinese.

8) Spend your vacation in your own country go there by train.

9) Produce electricity and sell  it back to your local utility company solar or wind is easy to set up, even subsidized in certain countries.

 Conclusion: Don't wait act now!

The Joker

Captain Israel Vs Captain Iran

Tara Tiny / Titu

The Indian made Tara Tiny and Tara Titu Link starting at 1655 Euros is another way to beat your addiction to oil and save money at the same time.

Funny Pic of Putin

Legalize Pot

Californians will decide in Nov. whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use after advocates of the drug gathered enough support to put it on the ballot on Nov. 2 election.

"We're one step closer to ending cannabis prohibition and the unjust laws that lock people up for cannabis while alcohol is not only sold openly but advertised on television to kids every day," said legalisation advocate Richard Lee , an Oakland marijuana entrepreneur.

Even though I am practically sure that the Tabaco industry along with the Booz pushers will do everything to defeat the vote I personally think it would be better to out law spirits (not including wine and beer) and tabaco and replace it with canabis wich in my oppion is less aggressive, less addictive, less destructive to society, less costly to health care, and would cause much much less deaths related to it use than booz and tobacco.

The Freak Brothers

A classic comic book of my adolescence and a must read, you can find out more about them Link