Apple Jailbreak Your Mind

Until yesterday I was stuck in the Apple world limited by their policies and condescendant attitude where by they limit what you can do with your own Iphone !!! I was scared to jailbreak the unit and loose my info, but yesterday I needed an app to scan for Wifi networks, but I found out that Jobs forbid this kind of app on the Itunes store again big brother telling me whats good or bad for me!!!

Well fuck them jailbreak time :)

1) Back up your Iphone
2) From your Iphone using Safari go to slide to Jailbreak
3) Enjoy freedom

N.B. do not update software past 4.01 on Iphone

Building in Formentera

The prices of construction are about 30 to 40 % higher  in Formentera than on mainland Spain the two main  factors influencing this hike in cost are transport of materials and lodging cost both of which impact the construction price.

Alot of the work is done by immigrants which for the most part are semi legal (they don't  have a NIE) in the country these will ask form 7 to 13 Euros an hour. But be aware that if you are caught employing a person which dos not have social insurance YOU and not him will be fined up to 30 000 Euros per person.

Stone Walls

Stone wall work only 1m X 1m X 60cm from 60 to 70 Euros (this dos not include stones or cement) and the price goes up if the height exceeds 1.5m.

You can expect to pay about 25 Euros per m3 of stone and add about 45 Euros for transport as well as 39 Euros for the loading.


There are different styles of stone wall building, the original Formentera style uses stones taken from the land which are practically not worked with the stone hammer unfortunately unless you have stones on your land or buy old stones you will have to revert to buying stones which have been quarried these have to be extensively worked and ake walls which give a less natural aspect which I refer to as the Arab style.

Water Cistern

You can roughly expect to pay 200 Euros per M3 of cistern


To calculate the size of your water cistern assume a daily water consumption not including garden watering of about 120 per day per person .

To be Updated

Formentera Ganja

New Legal Association For Marijuana in Formentera

Nazi Fuel Bunker in Formentera

During the Spanish Civil War (1936 - 1939) Formentera suffered from heavy fights against the nationalistic troops of Franco, Nationalist troops supplied and reinforced by Mussolini's ships and planes eventually attacked Formentera and a notorious Italian platoon who called themselves the Dragons of Death began slaughtering left-wing sympathisers. Eighteen Formenterencs were shot, while at least five died in Nazi concentration camps. Investment in the island stopped, leaving the inhabitants operating at subsistence levels. From 1939 to 1942, Formentera became a concentration camp for political dissidents from mainland Spain awaiting execution.Wich I will cover in another post. Apart from that there was a Nazi radio station and a hydroplane base on an interior lagoon called "estang des pudent "(because it stinks of rotten eggs) bellow a picture of the Fuel Bunker which was used to refuel the planes one of which crashed in the lake.


Italian Bar Pizzeria in San Fernando Formentera

Decoration: I think I would qualify it as funky Formentera
Service: very fast.. Obviously a well trained team.
Food: 7/10 good choice of pizza
Price: for 2 is about 80 euros
Notes: Good music next to La Fond Pepe

The Yacoubian Building

The Yacoubian Building is really an honest potrayal of life in Egypt a must see