Your Health is one of the factors that will determine how long you live and have opportunity to enjoy life.

Basic Advice:

Eat less processed foods
Eat Less food contaminated by chemicals
Drink clean water
Eat less sugar
Eat less meat
Breath clean air
Do not smoke
Exercise and break a sweat daily
Fast twice a year for 10 days on water only
Reduce your stress
Laugh regularly
Eat moderate amounts of food especially before you go to sleep
Have a good breakfast
Drink very moderately

Expert Level

Eat no processed foods
Eat only fish or meat that you have hunted from the wild
Drink clean water
Eat no sugar
Breath clean Air
Eat 93% plant based diet
Do not smoke
Do not drink
Meditate to reduce stress daily
Eat in moderation
Eat only when hungry
Laugh regularly
Break a sweat daily
Do 15 day fast twice a year
Avoid 100% GMO and Pesticides
Swim everyday