Makibox 3d Models

The Makibox 3d Printer is a great tool / toy to play and prototype it's the perfect starter 3d printer you will learn all the basics of 3d printing Leveling heated bed, extruder temperature settings (too high it will get jammed too low the filament will grind).

You will learn how to think 3d when creating objects to print and how to build them so that they export well to STL.

I personally use Repetier, Meshlab and Rhino for Mac to print but I am still a novice with maybe 100 prints to my name so I still have a lot to discover but already my Makibox and I are friends and he sits on my desk ready to warm up and print to the melodic sound of the motors.

Below are a few objects I have made and printed

Sex Pistol
made for a friend fan of the sex pistols

for my daughter

Makibox tool holder
a tool holder that snaps on the Makibox

Makibox filament reel holder
an alternative filament reel support for the Makibox

Spanish socket safety cover
a safety cover to minimize risk of curious toddler electrocution

Makibox 3D Printer Build

It took nearly one year but the Makibox 3D Printer finally arrived, it took me about 6 hours to build it. If you can replace the screen of an iphone and played with mechano and lego when you were a kid then you probably have the skillset required to build it. You can get help from online videos of other builds and if really stuck go on the forum (

Point System to Help induce good behavior in Children

All of us with children know how hard it can be to induce good behavior without traumatizing a child ... I recently came across a system similar to one I used whilst babysitting 3 little girls as a student in London, I would put up stars on the fridge for good behaviour and take them down for bad behavior it worked great as kids like rewards, the Point System is similar.

Here how it works: bad behavior produces negative points and grounding until the points are compensated by duties that generate positive points.

Eg. Micha forgets to do his homework and gets bad grades consequence 200 - points, he can now choose which cores he can do to offset the 200 - points. (see below link for examples)

To further motivate I even created an exchange rate to boost his pocket money 3 points = 1 Euro.

It has worked wonders for us and has taught him skills.

Good luck

Bitcoin is Unstoppable

Government regulators around the world have spent the last year scrambling to prevent bitcoin from becoming the currency of choice for money launderers and black marketeers and tax evaders. Now their worst fears may be about to materialize in a single piece of software. 

Dark Wallet will enable quasi anonymous bitcoin transactions thus opening the way for probably the best offshore fiscal paradise.

When you combine this with the adoption of bitcoin in Africa where it will fill the void and provide for all the unbanked Africans Bitcoin surfaces as the game changer that we all waited for to unslave ourselves.