Point System to Help induce good behavior in Children

All of us with children know how hard it can be to induce good behavior without traumatizing a child ... I recently came across a system similar to one I used whilst babysitting 3 little girls as a student in London, I would put up stars on the fridge for good behaviour and take them down for bad behavior it worked great as kids like rewards, the Point System is similar.

Here how it works: bad behavior produces negative points and grounding until the points are compensated by duties that generate positive points.

Eg. Micha forgets to do his homework and gets bad grades consequence 200 - points, he can now choose which cores he can do to offset the 200 - points. (see below link for examples)

To further motivate I even created an exchange rate to boost his pocket money 3 points = 1 Euro.

It has worked wonders for us and has taught him skills.

Good luck