Deaddrop Formentera

Recently I was made to understand that there were things that I could not voice "you can not say these things" they did not deny the veracity of my statement or ask for clarification. I see this as clearly an attempt to curtail free speech and I did understand that they were trying to silence more than my own statements.

On a small Island like Formentera the population practice auto censorship because of the fear of negative repercussion on their business or a visit from the police or guardia civil.

Recent changes in the law and new laws which I consider of fascist nature are being implemented by the political party that inherited the franquist mentality and values of the post civil war nazi supported dictatorship.

As a response I decided to participate in as many possible forms of anonymous free speech platforms.

One of the most simple and effective is the dead drop initiative which you can discover at

And here I present to you our first Dead Drop
in Formentera !