Wikileaks Muslims in France

Over 50% of the French prison system is populated with Muslims...

Source Wikileaks

10% of French are Muslim these combined statistic could be easily be used by extreme right wing political groups... Further more the French prisons are breeding ground for extremist religious view.

What is the root of the problem?

1) Accepting immigration without the ability or plan to integrate these immigrants.
2) Huge gap between cultural values.
3) Lack of ability to discipline in schools.
4) Lack of opportunity or will for these immigrants or their children to integrate.

What are possible solutions?

1) Severely restrict immigration (stop the bleeding)
2) Change the prison system so that as a prisoner you have to work for the benefit of the community.
3) Penalize parents economically for bad behavior of children in school.
4) Make it criminal to teach religious dogma which is contrary to state laws.