3D is Now

3D is the natural next step in enhancing the users interactive experience, be it watching a movie or sport content but as your TV and computer start to merge it also becomes the future of OS user interface. You will have a 3D desktop that goes into depth beyond the flat screen and objects and control elements will "pop" out at you in 3D.

In the realm of virtual desktops we are already here, products like Real desktop or already provide this "visual" effect but its the next step which is going to revolutionize the way you interact with the on-line world and your hardware.

You will have the impression that objects will float in the air in front of you and you will be able to rotate move and interact with them, in the beginning the mouse will be replace by a camera that will be able to follow your fingers and eyes to move and interact these new 3d objects, later you will wear something that looks like a head band it will be able to read your mind, you will just think of an action and it will be executed.

All the technology is her even the 3D screens Philips just came out with a model but a a heft price of 8000 + USD.

Now the only thing which is holding us back is the price of the technology and the speed of processors both of which will be resolved in the next two years.

3D Wonder
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