The Politics of Fear

Fear is probably one of the most effective tools to turn humans into slaves... it is such a primitive and primary brain function that humans will actually enslave themselves happily just to avoid fear.

Fear of Death, Fear of God, Fear of Bombs, Fear of Pain, Fear of Hell, like sheep which fear the heard dog they use it to round us up and control us.

They managed to make us believe that it was better to support Sadat to ward of Communism and then Mubarak to ward off the Islamist. In the name of security they did so many disgusting things that they took away the hope for a better future from the hearts of the Egyptian people.These people were only left to pray to at least make sure they would according to their beliefs get into paradise... thus creating even more hard core Islamists... here is where we enter a vicious circle more oppression more islamist  more oppression etc.

Then a certain critical mass was reached of people that realized they had nothing to loose (at least in this world) and suddenly the fear vanished and from the bondage of slavery they broke and turned on to the masters of fear and their war dogs.

Yes there is a real possibility that the Islamists will take over Egypt but we are to blame since we acted as hypocrites supporting a despotic regime. If the Islamists take over Egypt it will take another 100 years till they separate state from church as we have done in Europe. Some things only experience can teach.

So its time to support the Egyptian people so that they also can be the masters of their destiny