Egypt says Cambyses army "still not" found

Zahi Hawass, secretary general of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities is an anti-semetic nationalist Egyptian idiot psedo PHD holder at best and you just have to google "Zahi Hawass idiot" for your self to see to what depth the above statement is true.

His latest statements really show it

"Egypt's chief archaeologist says reports that the lost army of Persian King Cambyses has been found in the Egyptian desert are false BECAUSE the Italian archaeologists making the claim hold no license to dig in Egypt"

As well as Writing on his personal blog,, that the brothers had never been granted a license to excavate in Egypt "so anything they claim to find is not to be believed.

It seems that only with a liscense from this clown one can discover anything in Egypt so that he can show up in his fat ass indiana Jones parody outfit to take the credit for himself.

The brothers Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni, Italian archaeologists, recently said they may have located the remains, displaying photos of skulls and bones they unearthed in the desert and showing military equipment and art they found that has been dated to the era of Cambyses.

Zahi Hawass, chief archaeologist of Egypt, called the brothers report "unfounded and misleading." just as he called Beyonce stupid.

Anyways welcome to Egypt the country conquered by mindless desert goat herders.