Scotland and Catalonia Right to Independence in Question?

Even though the the right to self determination is enshrined in the charter of the united nations it goes against the efforts of the controlling powers to make decisions that affect us without interference.

We see it very clearly with America having a negative view on the independence process engaged by the Scott's. Lord Robertson quoted "American administration was worried about the possibility of Scottish independence".

They aim to take away from the public its democratic right to self governance by building a layered bureaucratic maze meant to protect the interest of the few against the will and benefit of the general population.

To do so they have to concentrate all important key decisions at the top of the political pyramid of power and hide the true actuators.

The higher the pyramid the less control the base has and the more power the top minority obtains voting laws, regulations and appointing key officials without democratic process which further strengthen their position.

They are extremely scared of the precedent that Scotland would create. Surely Catalunya would follow again showing the world that it is possible to break away from a feudal system.

The breakaway from the base of the power and control apparatus will give the power back to the people in a more local and accountable model of more direct democracy.